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About Us

About NHFS

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New Horizon Freight Solutions Team

Company Overview

Reliable Customs Clearing & Freight Forwarding Company in South Africa

At New Horizon Freight Solutions, we are a freight forwarding company that wasn't born a giant but rather started out as a small team, fueled by a shared passion to make importing and exporting easier for our clients. We started with a deep understanding of shipping regulations and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations.This dedication, combined with our team's practical and theoretical expertise, helped us navigate the ever-changing logistics landscape and build a reputation for reliability and efficiency.

Exceptional customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to providing you with clear communication, transparent pricing, and proactive problem-solving throughout your logistical journey. Whether you're a seasoned importer/exporter or a new entrant in the global trade arena, we are here to guide you every step of the way.


Our Approach

Your International Trusted Customs Clearing Partner

At our company, we understand that every client, whether an importer, exporter, or established business, has unique needs and requirements. That's why we go beyond simply offering freight forwarding, customs consulting, warehousing, and shipping services. We take a consultative approach, working closely with you to understand your specific challenges and goals. Our team of experienced logistics professionals and customs consultants will then craft customized solutions that optimize your supply chain, ensure seamless customs clearance, and deliver your goods efficiently and cost-effectively.

What We Do

Our Specialized Freight Services

Sea Freight

As a licensed customs clearing agent and trusted freight forwarder, New Horizon Freight Solutions takes the hassle out of your sea freight experience.

Freight Warehousing

New Horizon Freight Solutions offers comprehensive freight warehousing solutions to meet your storage and distribution needs in Durban and across South Africa.

Air Freight Services

We offer trusted and reliable air freight services in South Africa ensuring compliant transportation of all types of cargo.

Customs Clearing

As licensed customs clearing agents, our team of experts handles all the necessary documentation, ensure compliance and minimize the risk of delays and penalties on your shipments.

Freight Forwarding

We have a network of partners worldwide to ensure seamless local and international freight forwarding that is compliant with local regulations.

Customs Consulting

Our role is to guide you through the complexities of customs compliance, ensuring seamless navigation of legal requirements for importing or exporting goods.

Freight Forwarders in South Africa

Mission & Vision

Clearing and Freight Forwarding Specialists in South Africa

Our vision is to be the most proficient clearing and forwarding import and export company in our region, which sets the trend of efficiency and quality service delivery. We aim at being a leading customs clearing and freight forwarding company in South Africa with the highest standard quality service delivery and customer satisfaction in these challenging economic times. Our large network of agents all around the world ensures our services are extended to various cargo destinations internationally, meaning our expertise spans beyond the boarders of South Africa. 

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The NHFS Vision

Customs Clearing Agents

We aspire to be conspicuously reliable when it comes to satisfying and exceeding customers clearing and forwarding requirements, while fostering an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect between ourselves and our clients. We strive to conquer all obstacles in order to reach a quality and successful conclusion of all services rendered. We also pride ourselves in being a crucial connection between our customers and third-party service providers, ensuring our clients best interests are a priority constantly.

New Horizon Freight Solutions Logo

The NHFS Mission

Customs Clearing Agents

Freight Forwarding and Clearing Specialists

Meet The Expert Team Behind You

Dudley Groundland

Air Freight Manager

Rayolin Pillay


Jeremiah Kapotwe

CEO / Founder

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • INCO terms define responsibilities between buyers and sellers in international trade. They specify who pays for shipping, insurance, and customs duties, clarifying obligations.

  • Freight forwarders manage logistics, including booking cargo, arranging transportation, and handling documentation. They streamline shipping processes for businesses.

  • CIF means the seller arranges and pays for shipping to the buyer's port, while FOB means the buyer is responsible once goods are loaded onto the ship. FOB can save costs, but CIF offers more convenience.

SARS Customs Authorized Economic Operator
Partnership with the Worldwide Partners Alliance
South African Association of Freight Forwarding
IATA Accredited Clearing Agents
Durban Chamber of Commerce Partners
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