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Road Freight and Logistics South Africa

Road Freight & Logistics

Road Freight

We specialize in road freight solutions across South Africa and other African countries. We handle LTL, FTL, refrigerated cargo, express delivery, door-to-door service, cross-border transport, and abnormal loads. 

Road Freight and Logistics Solutions

Road Freight Solutions

National and Cross-border Road Freight Solutions in South Africa

We are located in Durban, South Africa, with close access to the port. This translates to proficient and efficient road transport solutions from Durban to all areas of South Africa. We are experts in routes to and from all 9 Provinces with the main ones being Johanesburg, Port Elizabeth, Limpopo and Cape Town.


We offer cross-border transport into various regions of Africa such as Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania and more

Choose reliability, choose efficiency, choose our road freight solutions for all your transportation needs.

Road Freight Services

What We Do

Road Freight and Cross-Border Transport Services

FTL &LTL Road Freight

We handle all your freight needs, big or small. Our FTL service dedicates an entire trailer for your large shipments. Need a more cost-effective option for frequent, smaller shipments? Our LTL service consolidates cargo for efficient and reliable delivery. Contact us for a free quote on your FTL or LTL needs!

Cross-Border Transport

We manage all aspects of your cross-border shipments, including customs clearance and documentation. We handle all kinds of cross-border transport to regions such as Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, and beyond. Enjoy smooth and hassle-free cross-border shipping with us.

Abnormal Loads

Transporting oversized or heavy cargo requires specialized equipment and expertise. Our abnormal loads service caters to the unique challenges of moving large, heavy, or awkwardly shaped items. We handle all necessary permits and route planning, ensuring a safe and compliant journey for your abnormal loads.

Door- to-Door 

Our comprehensive door-to-door service provides the ultimate convenience for our customers. We handle the entire logistics process from pickup to final delivery, ensuring a seamless experience. This service is ideal for businesses looking to simplify their shipping process and focus on their core operations.

Temperature Controlled

Our refrigerated cargo service ensures your perishable goods are transported in a temperature-controlled environment. From fresh produce to pharmaceuticals, we maintain the required temperatures throughout the journey, guaranteeing the integrity and freshness of your cargo upon arrival.

Express Delivery

When time is of the essence, our express delivery service offers expedited shipping solutions to meet your urgent needs. We prioritize speed and efficiency, ensuring your shipments reach their destination as quickly as possible, without compromising on safety or reliability.

Road Freight and Logistics

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Stop Feeling lost on the road to reliable freight solutions

Road Freight Services

Road Freight Solutions That Bridge The Gaps in Your Supply Chain

At our logistics company, we specialize in providing road freight services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our expertise lies in recognizing the precise moments and reasons why businesses turn to road freight.


Whether it's for swift and dependable transportation over short distances or for seamlessly connecting ports to warehouses, our road freight solutions act as the crucial link in your supply chain.


We ensure that your goods are efficiently transported from point to point, offering flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness every step of the way.


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