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Customs Authorized Economic Operators

SARS Customs Accredited

Authorized Economic Operators

SARS Customs Authorized Economic Operators

AEO Accredited

What does this mean for our Customers?

We are proud to announce that we are now recognized as an Authorized Economic Operator, a valuable worldwide accreditation that sets us apart in the industry.

Our AEO Level 1 accreditation accelerates your customs clearance process in the following areas:

  • Priority handling: Your shipments move to the front of the line, minimizing delays.

  • Reduced inspections: Fewer inspections mean faster processing and clearance.

  • Prompt delivery: Your cargo reaches its destination efficiently and on time.


Freight Forwarders in South Africa

Dependable Shipping Agents in South Africa

AEO Level 1 translates to peace of mind for you, eliminating anxieties and delays associated with customs clearance. Rest assured that our documentation standards and data accuracy are maintained at the highest level during every stage of the logistics process. This dedication means that every document, record, and piece of information concerning your shipments is carefully managed and precisely documented.

Authorized Freight Forwarders Durban
Authorized Freight Forwarders Durban

Lisenced Customs Clearing Agents

Peace of Mind Delivered

Say goodbye to compliance concerns and hello to peace of mind with our AEO Level 1 accreditation. 

Proven compliance history: Our AEO status demonstrates our strong track record of consistently meeting customs requirements.

Full compliance assurance: You can be rest assured that your shipments meet all necessary requirements.

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