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Lisenced Customs Clearing Agents

Customs Clearing Agents

Customs Clearing Services

Customs Clearing Agents in Durban, South Africa

We're SARS accredited customs clearing agents with a secure link to SARS Customs (EDI). This real-time connection to this electronic system ensures constant updates and efficient processing, getting your goods cleared quickly and minimizing delays.


We are AEO Accredited by SARS customs with over a decade of experience with customs clearing. We handle the entire import and export process for all transportation methods. We handle the processing of customs entries, settling port dues and shipping line charges, and finally, arranging the delivery of your cargo directly to you. With us, your goods are in expert hands throughout their international journey.

AEO Accredited

Reliable South African Customs Clearing Agents

Accelerated Clearance Process:

  • Our AEO Accreditation allows for fast customs clearance to keep your supply chain on schedule.

  • Our streamlined processes ensure efficient clearance and reduces the risk of storage or demurrage fees.

Expertise in Customs Regulations:

  • Our knowledgeable team has been dealing with customs for decades which translates to competance and no compliance issues.

Proactive Communication:

  • We make sure that you stay informed about the status of your shipments throughout the clearance process, even on weekends.

Transparent Pricing Structure:

  • Avoid the surprise of unexpected fees on your shipments. Our pricing is transparent and upfront to help you plan your expenses effectively.

Personalized Service:

  • We understand that every client is unique and we customize our services to meet your individual requirements

Cargo ship out at sea carrying containers

Customs Clearing Agents

Our Customs Clearing Services

Import/Export Clearing

We prepare and submit the necessary documentation, such as customs declarations, commercial invoices, packing lists, and certificates of origin, to customs authorities. We also calculate and pay the required duties, taxes, and fees on your behalf.

Household Goods Relocation

Relocaton is made easy by our team. We submit the necessary customs forms on your behalf and assess different box dimensions, which can affect the cost of shipping. With larger items, you may need to consider shipping it as freight.

Perishable Goods

We collaborate with carriers to maintain optimal conditions throughout transport while also having the knowledge and resources to navigate the complexities of phytosanitary inspections and obtain the necessary certificates for your freight.

Carnet Services

We assist you in completing a carnet, which serves as a guarantee for the temporary importation of goods without paying duties and taxes. These used for commercial samples, professional equipment, or goods for exhibitions and fairs. 

Cross Border Customs Clearing

Cross border customs clearing involves several steps and stakeholders, including customs brokers, freight brokers, carriers, and the importer or recipient of the goods. At NHFS, we guide you through the entire process.

Dangerous Goods

We take care of the paperwork and ensure compliance with all regulations and safety standards. We also provide the necessary documentation, such as a MSDS, and make sure the goods are properly labeled and packaged.

The information you submit through this contact form (name, email, etc.) will only be used to respond to your inquiry. We will not share your information with third parties without your consent.

Customs Clearing Agents

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SARS Customs Authorized Economic Operator
Partnership with the Worldwide Partners Alliance
South African Association of Freight Forwarding
IATA Accredited Clearing Agents
Durban Chamber of Commerce Partners

Import Customs Clearing Agents

Customs Clearing for Imports

We can help you with:

Customs Duties: These are taxes levied on imported goods based on their type (HS code) and value. Rates can vary, but we can help you identify the correct HS code and use duty calculators to estimate these fees upfront.

Value-Added Tax (VAT): Most imports are subject to the standard 15% VAT. However, exemptions may apply for specific business needs. We'll ensure you're applying the correct rate and avoid unnecessary charges.

Customs Handling Fees: These are administrative fees charged by SARS for processing your paperwork. While the cost may vary, some of our service packages include this fee, simplifying the process for you.

Reduced Risk of Additional Fees: Importing certain goods might require permits from other government departments, leading to extra costs. We can help identify any necessary permits and guide you through the application process, minimizing the risk of unexpected expenses.​​

Export Customs Clearing Agents

Customs Clearing for Exports

We can help you with:

Expert Permit GuidanceAn export permit may be required by the International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC) depending on the type of goods you're exporting. The fee for the permit will vary based on the specific permit needed. We analyze your goods and advise on potential export permit requirements that will be associated with those items. We'll guide you through the entire process, ensuring you have the correct permits to avoid delays, fines and confiscations

Clearance Accuracy and Efficiency: We handle all the customs paperwork for you, ensuring it's filled out accurately and completely. False or incorrect info on these documents can damage your reputation with SARS customs which can affect your future trade. 

Fee Transparency: Customs clearance can involve various fees, including handling charges after obtaining your ITAC permit and customs handling fee charged by SARS (South African Revenue Service) for processing your export declaration.  We'll keep you informed of all potential costs upfront, so there are no surprises when it comes to shipping your goods.

Container ship docked under gantry cranes in Durban Harbour

Customs Clearing Services

Comprehensive Customs Clearing Services

  • Dangerous Goods

  • Cross-Border Customs Clearing

  • Perishable Goods

  • Household Goods Relocation

  • Import Customs Clearing

  • Export Customs Clearing

  • Carnet Services

Customs Clearing Agents

Do I Need a Customs Clearing Agent?

If you don't have any experience with customs, you're going to want a customs broker. It's way less hassle and less risk of a costly mistake. Going solo with customs is risky business. Imagine having your cargo held up or seized at customs because of a paperwork mistake. Yikes! Customs rules can be tricky, and compliance is a headache that you should avoid.

Now, let's explore your options for tackling customs. Here are two main routes you can take:

Separate Companies for Transport and Customs:
This option lets you choose a shipping line for transportation, but hand off the customs nightmare to a separate customs broker. It can potentially save some cash. However, juggling two companies can be a hassle. The back-and-forth communication, sending documents around, and keeping everyone on the same page can be tiem consuming.


The Freight Forwarder and Customs Clearing Agent Route:
This route brings your transportation and customs under one roof. These companies (called freight forwarders or NVOCCs) will book your shipments with the shipping lines for you, arrange all the logistics involved with picking up and delivery of your cargo and distribute all the necessary payments on your behalf. Depending on your volume, they might even score you a better shipping rate (bonus!). The real win here is smooth communication and a single invoice for all your costs.

Which path is right for you? The truth is, it depends on your specific needs and priorities. Here's a quick breakdown to help you decide:

Go at It Alone (Maybe): If you're brave, have time to learn the rules, and only have a small shipment, you could try it yourself. But be careful!

Get a clearing agent: If you have a bigger shipment, value your time, or want to avoid delays and fines, a clearing agent is a good idea. Especially if you plan on importing a lot.

Customs Clearing in South Africa

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Don't let the customs paperwork weigh you down

Customs Brokers Durban

Customs Clearing Specialists

International trade is exciting, but customs complexities can turn it into a frustrating maze. Language barriers and unfamiliar regulations can lead to misunderstandings, delays, and costly mistakes. That's where we come in.

At New Horizon Freight Solutions, we've built a strong, long-lasting relationship with customs officials. This equates to faster communication and a more efficient clearance process for your shipments.


Here's how it benefits you:

  • Reduced Delays: No more getting lost in translation. Our team speaks the language of customs meaning clear communication and hassle-free clearing of your goods.

  • Confidence in Compliance: Over the last 10 years, we have established key customs relationships that allow us to minimize the risk of delays and non-compliance for our clients.  Our qualified team constantly refreshes their knowledge on the latest SARS Customs regulations and procedures so that you dont have to.

  • Peace of Mind: You can have your peace of mind back knowing that you have a trusted partner on your side handling your customs clearing. Leave the customs worries to us while you to focus on your core business activities.


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