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Customs Consultants South Africa

Customs Consulting

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Lisenced Customs Consultants

Customs Consultants in Durban, South Africa

We offer comprehensive Customs Consulting Services for businesses in South Africa and abroad. We are customs consultants located in Durban with decades of experience in handling customs processes. Our clientele spans various sectors, including importers, exporters, customs clearing agents, road transporters, cross border and more.

Our clients leverage our consultants' in-depth knowledge of customs regulations and procedures to facilitate their customs clearance. We offer customs services that assist with customs issues to help you navigate import/export processes and streamline your international trade.

Customs Consultants, South Africa

As Customs Consultants, We Can Help You With:

  • Customs Compliance and Risk Management:
    We help individuals and businesses reduce risks by ensuring they follow rules and avoid fines. We also ensure that their importing and exporting activities comply with all laws and regulations globally and locally.

  • Customs Appeals:
    Our consultants can help you if you have a problem with customs, such as a penalty or disagreement. They can assist you in appealing and getting a fair result. We'll work to get your penalty reduced or even removed altogether.


  • Import and Export Documentation:
    Our customs consultants help with compiling your paperwork correctly for importing and exporting goods, like bills of lading and commercial invoices. They make sure all documents are correct and meet customs rules to ensure a smooth clearance process.

  • Tariff Classification:
    We assist clients in determining the correct tariff codes for their goods to ensure accurate calculation of duty fees to comply with customs requirements set out by the South African Revenue Service

  • Duty Optimization:
    We help you implement strategies to optimize duty payments, leveraging preferential trade agreements and duty relief programs to minimize costs.

  • Customs Valuation:
    Our consultants will check your shipments and figure out the right value for customs duties, following the correct methods. This helps avoid problems and inspections.

  • Trade Compliance Audits:
    We check your trade practices to find ways to improve and reduce risks.

  • Tariff Concession Applications:
    We assist clients in applying for tariff concessions or exemptions, helping them access preferential duty rates for eligible goods.

  • Customs Brokerage Support:
    We offer support to customs clearing agents and brokers and offering training on complex customs issues and regulatory changes.

  • Leverage Trade Agreements: 
    Our consultants help you use free trade agreements and regional partnerships to cut trade costs, open doors to new countries, and give your business a global edge.

  • Regulatory Updates and Training:
    We update clients on customs rules and changes that could impact their shipments. We also provide training for staff to keep them informed about compliance requirements.

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Lets make sure your shipments sail smoothly through customs

Customs Consultants

Why Use a Customs Consultant?

Customs consultants in South Africa frequently encounter importers who have difficulty understanding costs, meeting regulations, and paying cargo dues. Importers also struggle with misdeclaring goods, undervaluing goods, and providing false information on documents.

Some importers may overlook the complexity of customs procedures. Filling out forms for importing goods may seem easy to some people. However, they may not realize the complexities involved. These complexities include duty calculations, paperwork, and assigning correct tariff codes to items.

Businesses choose to work with licensed customs consultants to facilitate communication with customs authorities. These experts assist with communication and ensure they share all necessary information effectively with customs.


As consultants, we stay in contact with clients to answer questions and give updates on customs procedures. This helps prevent any confusion.

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Licensed Customs Consultants

Don't Be Negligent With Customs

Instances of negligence can have serious consequences for importers, including:

  1. Delays in Clearing Goods: Non-compliance with regulations can lead to lengthy delays at the border while customs authorities investigate the shipment which affects your supply chain.

  2. Fines and Penalties: Failure to comply with regulations can result in significant fines and penalties from customs authorities.

  3. Seizure of Goods: In extreme cases, customs authorities may seize goods that are not properly declared or that violate safety regulations.

  4. Reputational Damage: Repeated customs issues can damage an importer's reputation and hinder their ability to conduct future international trade.


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