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Welcome to New Horizon Freight

New Horizon Freight Solutions is a thriving and advancing company that is registered according to the regulations of South Africa.

We offer both transport and logistics solutions.

Our Management team has a vast amount of experience both practically and theoretically.

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Proficiently serving all our customers as kings.

The import and export industry is a fast advancing industry that produces many challenging and pressurising issues, which demands highly competent world-class clearing and forwarding client services.

Many agencies lack the necessary knowledge, skills and flexibility to adapt to the rapid advancements and changes transpiring in this environment.

We at New Horizon Freight Solutions stretch ourselves beyond the limits to ensure that our clients are adequately taken care of in terms of service. Our immense expertise and deep understanding of the import and export industry enables us to provide our clients with the most innovated, high standard and ethical customer service. We always aspire to exceed customer’s expectations and to excel in all operational aspects of the supply chain.

We offer professional transport and logistics solutions, and take away all of your hassles. 

Latest News

December 3, 2019
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Best Safety Practices in the Air Freight Industry

Due to the nature of the air freight industry, where processes include the usage of a high amount of equipment and the potential to carry dangerous […]
November 19, 2019
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Tips for Navigating Logistics Red Tape in South Africa

At NHFS, we realise South Africa is a country that is being controlled by red tape and high costs at border crossings; making intra-regional and continental […]
November 10, 2019
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Managing International Relationships in the Freight Industry

If you are planning to, or already are in the process of sourcing products or materials overseas, then we at NHFS believe that you should be […]


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